MATH 6307 Ordinary Differential Equations 1

Fall 2009

TTh 4:35-5:55, Skiles 154

Professor Federico Bonetto

Office Hours: TTr 3-4, Skiles 224.


The class will be based on the lecture notes by prof. Jack Hale. I'll distribute the notes in class.
The notes are an update and extension of the book:

Ordinary Differential Equations.
Jack K. Hale


See th online syllabus.


There will be two midterms and one final. The first midterm will be September 22. I will assign HW and collect them every 2 or 3 weeks. The final grade will be based on HW (15%), midterms (40%) and final (45%).

First week

Second week Third week
Fourth week
Fifth week


Solve these three exercises. Write clear and mathematically precise answers. The solution must be turned in by Thursday October 1st. You are more than welcome to ask me clarifications and expalnations on the exercises.

Sixth week
Seventh week
Eighth week
Nineth week
Tenth week
Eleventh week

Twelfth week

Final Exam: the final exam will be on December Friday 11 at 2:50. You will have 30/40 minutes each to expose an argument to the rest of the class. Tofether with the exposition you should submit a written paper on the argument. A list of possible argumnet follows.