MATH 3670 Probability and Statistics with Applications

Spring 2015

TTr 12:05-1:35, Van Leer W200

Professor Federico Bonetto

Office Hours: TTr 2:30-3:30, Skiles 133B

The course will introduce the basic notion of probability theory and its application to statistics. The focus will be on the discussion of applications.

The text that will be used is:

Jay L. Devore, Probability and Statistics, 8th or 8th ed., Thomson

The syllabus can be found here.

There will be two midterm.

The exercise listed are for HW collection. I will collect them every two weeks and grade 2 or 3 exercises among the one assigned. In case of differences between the 8th and 7th editions of the book I will indicate in square brackets the number relative to the 7th edition.

The final grade will be based on the following rules: 45% final, 35% midterms, 20% HW. Curving will be done on the final result.

Arguments covered.

See the webpage of the sSummer 2013 class for previous tests and material.

First week

Material covered:


Second week

Material covered:


Third week

Material covered:


First HW due on Thursday 22.