MATH 6647 Numerical Methods for Dynamical Systems

Spring 2003

MWF 9-10 Skiles 270

Professor Federico Bonetto

Office Hours: MW 10-11

Material available on line

Predrag Cvitanovic' et al.: Chaos Classical and Quantum: chapters 1,2,3,4 contain most of the things we spoke about till now, plus other and some good example. Chapter 13 may be usefull later on in the class. The rest depends on how the class will develop but is interesting.

Numerical Recipes a good source of algorithms and codes.

AUTO97 a nice simulation pakage although a little dated. The graphical interface has some problem with Linux. All put here a fixed version soon. A list of available software online is at NUMERICAL SOFTWARE TOOLS AND INFORMATION SOURCES.

Lecture Notes they seem interesting and contain a lot of material we will need.

Gallavotti, Bonetto and Gentile: Aspects of the ergodic, qualitative and statistical theory of motion may be useful in the following.

John David Crawford, "Introduction to bifurcation theory" Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 63, (991) a nice review at a research level.

More to come

Suggested books

J. Hale and H. Kocak: "Dynamics and Bifurcation", Springer-Verlag