MATH 6321 Complex Analysis 

Spring 2013

MW 3-4:30 Skiles 256

Professor Federico Bonetto

Office Hours: MW 1:30-2:30 in Skiles 133b

If you have problem to meet with me during the scheduled time, email me to set an appointment.


See online syllabus at MATH 6321. We will coverthe first six chapter of the texbook. This will leave us sometime at the end of the course for topic that may be of intewrest to the students.


MATH 4317, 4320


John B. Conway, "Functions of one complex variables I", Springer, 2nd Edition.


I will collect HW every 2 weeks for a total of 5/6 HW. On top there will be two in class midterms and a in class final. Midterms and final will be cumulative. The possibility of personal project will be discussed later during the class. The grading scheme will be 15% HW, 35% midterms and 50% final.

First week

Second week

Third week

Fourth week

Fifth week
Sixth week The first midterm will be on Wednesday Febraury 20. Solution set for first midterm of Spring 2009. Here is the solution set for midterm 1.

Seventh week

Eighth week

Material covered:


Nineth week

Material covered:


Tenth week

Material covered:


Eleventh week

Spring break

Twelfth week

Material covered:


Preparation material for the second midterm. Second midterm with solution and final with solution from 2009. Here is the solution set for midterm 2.

Takehome Final Exam: the exam is due in my mailbox before Friday 3 at noon.