MATH 6308 Ordinary Differential Equations 2

Fall 2015

MWF 10:05-10:55, Skiles 250

Professor Federico Bonetto

Office Hours: MWF 11-12, Skiles 250.


The class text book is:

Nonlinear Differential Equation and Dynamical System
Ferdinand Verhulst
Springer, 2nd edition

I'll also use the lecture notes by prof. Jack Hale. The notes are linked below.
The notes are an update and extension of the book:

Ordinary Differential Equations.
Jack K. Hale


See th online syllabus.


There will be two midterms and one final. The first midterm will be September 25 and the second October 30. Depending on the results of the first midterm, the second midterm can be in the form of a take home assignemet. During the class we will discuss the possibility of a project based final exam. I will assign HW and collect them every 2 or 3 weeks. The final grade will be based on HW (15%), midterms (40%) and final (45%).