MATH 3770 Statistics and Applications

Fall 2007

TTh 12:05-1:25, IC 209

Professor Federico Bonetto

Office Hours: TTr 4-5, Skiles 224.
Grader: Matt Schuchard
Grader Office Hours: email him for appointment

The course will introduce the basic notion of probability theory and its application to statistics. The focus will be on the discussion of applications.

The text that will be used is:

William C. Navidi, Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd Edition,

The syllabus can be found here.

There will be two midterm the first of which will be on Thursday September 27th.

The exercise listed are for HW collection. I will collect them every two weeks and grade 2 or 3 exercises among the ones assigned.

The final greade will be based on the following rules: 50% final, 40% midterms, 10% HW. Curving will be done on the final result.

Arguments covered.

See the webpage of the fall 2005 class for previous tests and material.

First week

Second week

Fisrt HW collection Thursday September 3rd

Third week

Forth week

Second HW collection Thursday September 20th

Fifth week

First Midterm will be on Thursday September 27. Here is the formula sheet for the midterm. It will be at the end of the test so you do not have to print it.

Sixth week

Third HW collection Thursday October 11th

Eighth week

Nineth week Tenth week

Fourth HW collection Thursday November 1st

Eleventh week

Twelfth week

Second Midterm will be on Thursday November 15

Fifth HW collection Thursday November 29th

Here is a link to collected previous term exams with some solutions.